Cololo Saraya Vietnam - Oral Rinse

Cololo Oral Rinse

More than your usual mouthwash

If you suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis, Cololo Oral Rinse is most likely the right solution for you. This new Japanese oral rinse from Saraya is designed to help you to reduce or completely remove the noticeably unpleasant odour present in your breath. We recommend you to learn more about Cololo Oral Rinse and give it a try.

Say goodbye to bad breath - let your smile shine

Cololo Oral rinse has been designed to combat and prevent the bad breath (halitosis) by cleaning the oral cavity from the protein dirt that is often the main cause of unpleasant mouth odors. Remember, the mouth hygiene is an important part of healthier life.

Cololo Oral rinse contains Soforolipid which is the natural cleaning ingredient that makes your mouth fresh and clean. Also, the ingredients, propolis extract, green tea extract, and tea-tree extract, have soothing effect and leaving natural taste on your mouth.

Cololo Oral rinse is mild in flavor, leaving a refreshingly clean and soothing aftertaste in your mouth.

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Why do we have bad breath?

What is the main culprit behind the bad breath

Have you ever wondered why do some people have a bad breath when they speak or breath? What is the main culprit behind this condition also known as halitosis? The symptom is obvious, the noticeably unpleasant odour of breath. It is caused by bacteria (mainly breeding and forming clusters of them behind the tongue) that produce volatile smelly sulfur compounds which are the main reason for the unpleasant mouth odour.

The best prevention of halitosis is therefore removing of the protein dirt and keeping the oral cavity clean and unsuitable for bacteria to breed and multiply.

Soforolipid, the main active ingredient of Cololo Oral rinse, does just that.


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Importance of mouth hygiene

Let your smile shine and live happier life

Mouth hygiene is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The bad breath, decayed teeth and poorly kept oral cavity can significantly undercut your confidence and even lead to various forms of anxieties and depressions. Therefore keeping our teeth and oral cavity clean and healthy is important part of living happier life.

Cololo Saraya Vietnam - Oral Rinse

Soforolipid, propolis, green tea oil and tea-tree oil

The power of natural cleaning

The main active ingredient of Cololo Oral rinse is Soforolipid which is a natural cleaning agent produced by the fermentation of natural yeast. It effectively removes the protein dirt from your oral cavity, hence eliminates the main reason for halitosis.

Other key ingredients of Cololo Oral Rinse are propolis, green tea oil and tea-tree oil. They have soothing effect on mouth and leave behind a nicely fresh and clean after-taste.




Water, ethanol, glycerin, xylitol, sodium saccharin, menthol (mint extract), tea leaf oil, hydrolysed candida bombicola extract (soforo lipid), propolis extract (bee glue), green tea extract, caramel, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, citric acid


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