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We are passionate about protecting and improving our world to make it a safer and cleaner place to live.

As the first company in Japan to use plant-based resources in the manufacturing of dish washing detergent, Saraya has been known throughout Japan as the natural choice in hygiene and sanitation products. The company has always complied with OECD regulations, which state that OECD products must include at least 60 % of highly biodegradable ingredients.

ECO Friendly Products

Supporting and protecting our fragile environment

Saraya currently provides health and hygiene solutions for household care, medical infection prevention, food sanitation and public hygiene. Each market segment is a key element in expanding process of sustainable innovations.

In Viet Nam, Saraya Greentek, a branch company of Saraya Japan, is dedicated to supplying the highest quality, and most environmentally friendly and sustainable products for your health care in all markets from professional, industrial and domestic.

We are committed to supporting and protecting our fragile environment, and to promoting and supplying products that reduce our impact on the world and help people to lead healthier, more fulfilling and enriching lives.


Saraya Dispenser and Handwashing

ECO-friendly Packaging

As part of our commitment to sustainability and protecting our sensitive ecosystem we only use environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled paper.

Saraya ECO Friendly Company

100% ECO friendly long before it became a buzzword

With nature as our inspiration, we find new uses for natural substances to develop unique sanitation and health products. We are committed to improving health by developing technology, educating the public and protecting the environment. Saraya products are free of synthesised surfactants and artificial additives such as preservatives,  synthetic fragrances and colours.


Arau Baby supports Save The Children

With arau product line, Saraya supports “Save the Children” program organised by the UN, a non-governmental organization operating in 115 or more countries, respecting the ideals of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Saraya Co., Ltd. supports education, healthcare and relief operations from conflict and disasters through the organization.

Saraya Vietnam ECO Friendly Green Palm

Biodiversity conservation activity

Saraya uses only RSPO certified (Book & Claim supply) palm oil which his cultivated with consideration for the environment and human rights.  Saraya’s products are GreenPalm mark for “truly environment and human friendly products”. Saraya also supports the Borneo Conservation Trust’s Green Corridor Project which connects wildlife reserves and protects biodiversity in the Borneo jungle.

Saraya donates one percent of its palm based detergent sales to the BCT, and President Yusuke Saraya serves as a board trustee. A chapter of the BCT also functions out of Japan, to bring awareness to Japanese consumers and educate the people on how the BCT is working to facilitate preserving biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation on the island of Borneo

Saraya initiative for Biodiversity Conservation on the island of Borneo.

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