Market Segments

The best infection prevention systems across industries

We offer the best infection prevention systems across various industries

Our dedicated, individual attention to four market segments allows our customers to receive the best service from the Saraya development and sales teams.

Each segment is outfitted with tested systems for preventing infection in every type of facility and streamlining technology with internationally accepted hygienic standards. This approach assures that our customers always receive the best infection prevention control systems through chemicals, dispensers, and hygiene education.

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Healthcare Hygiene

Professional Healthcare Hygiene Solutions

Our healthcare hygiene solutions combine all aspects of infection control and infection countermeasures such as hand sanitation, medical equipment reprocessing and thorough surface disinfection.

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Food Sanitation

Food Sanitation Solutions

Food is a vital necessity for all people and therefore very strict and thorough regulations must be maintained to ensure that consumers enjoy high quality food that is safe and fresh.

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Public Health & Hygiene

Striving for a thorough approach to health and hygiene

Our public health & hygiene solutions combine all aspects of infection control and infection countermeasures. We are also a major contributor to hospital sanitation education and research.

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Keeping you and your family healthy and happy

We all want our homes to be welcoming, comfortable and unique. But most of all we want the place where we live to be clean and safe. Our consumer line-up helps us to achieve just that.

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