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Consumer Care Products

Home is your kingdom

We are working hard to keep you and your family healthy and happy

Home is where we relax, laugh, play and learn. We want our homes to be comfortable, clean and unique. Our consumer line up brings soaps, detergents, hand sanitizer and healthy food to your home, keeping you and your family healthy and happy.

Protecting the future

We take our environmental duties very seriously. Each of our products is developed with unique and eco friendly features that make tending to your house safe and healthy.

Additive free products

Everything we do is natural

From additive free and pure Arau soaps to our next generation Yashinomi biodetergents, we make all our products from natural ingredients. It’s our ultimate goal to help keep your house safe and clean and your family happy and healthy.

Our consumer care products

Saraya Cocopalm SQ



Saraya Baby BIO Products

Baby BIO



Lakanto Saraya


Cololo Saraya Vietnam - Oral Rinse

Cololo Oral Rinse

Lactoferrin Vietnam Saraya


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