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Saraya COVID-19 Prevention Package

Saraya's COVID19 Prevention Package

Our Solution for Fighting COVID-19 in Vietnam


Saraya CVD19 Protection Package

Learn about how your company can benefit from our comprehensive approach to fighting the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Protect your staff and your valuable clients!

Let's fight the virus together and create a safer environment for all of us.

 More About Our COVID-19 Prevention Package

How we fight COVID-19

Clean and Disinfect

Regular handwashing and keeping our hands disinfected by using antiseptic solutions is a perfect way to prevent spread of many common diseases including the new COVID-19.

Regular Hand Hygiene

Keep your hands clean at all times - minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19!

Cleaning our hands regularly is one of the most efficient ways to stay clear of viruses.

Contact us or learn more about our Japanese Smart San hygiene products. We recommend these products as an effective prevention against the COVID-19.

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Our Hand Soap Products  Our Hand Sanitation Products 


Surface Disinfection

Regularly-touched and exposed surfaces should be kept disinfected at all times!

Surface Cleaning

We recommend to regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces that are exposed to people's touch.

Our Saraya products made of chlorine compound, alcohol compound or quaternary ammonium compound are the ideal choice. 

For more information contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff  or follow the below links.

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Our Surface Disinfection Products 

Saraya's COVID19 Prevention Package

Saraya CVD19 Protection Package

We believe that awareness and knowledge leads to more effective actions and more responsible behaviour of each individual. Our approach to fighting COVID-19 consists of 3 main components: 1. we educate, 2. we sanitize & disinfect and 3. we employ smart technologies.

Our Saraya's COVID-19 Prevention Package is an ideal solutions for companies and businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Let's fight COVID-19 together!

Training and Education Saraya's Covid19 Prevention Package

1. We Educate

Our comprehensive Smart San approach to hygiene will help you protect your company against COVID-19

Our posters and manuals help to inform general public and your staff about how to prevent themselves and others from catching the COVID-19 or other viruses.

Learn more about our Smart San System.

Effective and Environmentally Friendly Products Saraya's COVID19 Prevention Package

2. We Sanitize & Disinfect

Our Smart San products are ideal for keeping your business clean and COVID-19 free

Saraya sanitation and disinfection products are perfect option for disinfecting our hands and surfaces, which decreases likelihood of getting infected by COVID-19.

Learn more about our Smart San Products

Smart Implementation Saraya's COVID19 Prevention Package

3. We Implement Smart Solutions

Minimize the likelihood of getting infected by COVID-19 - Use our Sanilavo touch-less soap dispensers

Our touchless dispensers and strict hygiene guidelines further increase the benefit of using sanitation products in our fight against COVID-19.

Learn more about our touchless soap dispenser.

Our Clever Technology

Go touchless and stop the spread of COVID-19

Our touchless dispensers are safe to use, easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing to fit most common industrial and commercial environments. It's a Japanese quality at its best.

And it is perfect way to minimize the spread of COVID-19 infection at your company.


Feel free to contact us or more information about our touchless dispensers

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Think Responsibly, Think Economically

Safer workplace and happier clients leads to future increase in revenue

Fighting COVID-19 is an important task of 2020. Food and hospitality industries should take this challenge very seriously as it will benefit not only our society, but their business too.

Smart San Implementation Examples

The following images illustrate our suggestion for smart implementation of safety measures in food processing and hospitality sectors.


We are here to help!

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Act Today and protect your staff and customers the best you can!

We are happy to provide you with all necessary information and assistance. Let's make your workplace, store or restaurant safer for everyone — for your clients and your staff. We are here to help.

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