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Hand Washing and Hand Sanitation Matters in our fight against the further spread of COVID-19!

It’s scientifically proven that the regular hand hygiene is one of the key factors in preventing many bacterial and viral infections, including the infection by COVID-19. And it is something every one of us can do!

Hand Washing Saraya Products

Let us introduce to you the Japanese quality, hand hygiene products developed by Saraya. The following Saraya products are available to customers and businesses in Vietnam.

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Remember: Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is the collective effort. Wearing a facial mask and regularly washing hands is one of the those little things we can all do in order to contribute in this huge effort to combat invisible enemy.

The usage of our Saraya hand hygiene and hand sanitation products is an effective way of minimising the risk of viral spread, including the spread of COVID-19.

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Hand Hygiene Saraya

Hand Washing

Hand Washing is Essential in Our Fight Against the Virus

Hand washing is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent infection. Hand washing is an indispensable infection prevention measure, especially now, when we fight the further spread of COVID-19 in Vietnam and world-wide. SARAYA provides a full line of foaming and liquid soaps targeted for professionals as well as consumers, suitable for small-to-large factories and businesses.

Hand Disinfection

Hand Disinfection Matters, More Now Than Ever

In today’s world affected by COVID-19, a regular hand hygiene is essential for preventing further infections. Our alcohol sanitisers work fast and they are effective, safe and gentle on the skin even for multiple uses per day.

Combined with our touch-less dispensers we offer comprehensive and even more effective hand hygiene system. The ideal solution for minimising the risk of COVID-19 infection at your company or home.

Hand Hygiene Saraya

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Saraya's COVID19 Prevention Package

Saraya Covid Prevention Package

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Our Clever Technology

Go touchless and stop the spread of COVID-19

Our touchless dispensers are safe to use, easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing to fit most common industrial and commercial environments. It's a Japanese quality at its best.

And it is perfect way to minimize the spread of COVID-19 infection at your company.


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Made in Japan

About Saraya and Hand Hygiene

Saraya’s own research, academic support and education helped many people and businesses from all around the world to reduce the risk of infection by various viruses, including the COVID-19.

Saraya has a long tradition of developing hand hygiene products that are effective, gentle on skin and environmentally friendly.

SARAYA's approach to hygiene combines extensive infection prevention systems, hand hygiene, surface sanitation solutions and environment management.

We are here to help!

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