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Saraya Smart San – The Industrial Food Sanitation System

Smart San Saraya Vietnan

Hassle free solution for cleaning and sanitation in food industries

The Smart San system contains cleaning solutions and tools based on our SARAYA system tested and proven in Japan. At Saraya, we have combined high quality products with the know-how required to meet the strict food hygiene standards of Japan. Today we are a market leader in food sanitation in Japan. 

Smart San Product Range Saraya Vietnam

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Ideal food sanitation solution for food processing industry or food & beverages enterprises

At SARAYA, we provide a full system for food sanitation for a variety of F&B and food processing markets, allowing hassle free solutions for cleaning and sanitation. 

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Saraya Dispenser and Handwashing

Our 4 Key Market Segments in Vietnam

Providing safe and delicious food is the goal of every player in the food industry. However, with the potential of food borne illness, great care must be taken to ensure that food is hygienically prepared and handled until it is enjoyed by customers. 

SARAYA provides technical expertise for cleaning and preventing food borne illness in these 4 individual markets in Vietnam with dedicated education, research and products. 

Smart San Saraya Vietnan Food Sanitation System


Service and knowledge to support supermarkets to provide safe raw and cooked foods. 

Smart San Saraya Vietnan Food Sanitation System


HACCP expertise and sanitation support for food processing factories.

Smart San Saraya Vietnan Food Sanitation System


Sanitation solutions for providing hygienic and delicious food In a clean and inviting restaurant environment.

Smart San Saraya Vietnan Food Sanitation System

Convenience Stores

Total hygiene service for convenience stores and small shops.

Hygiene Management Support

We offer an effective sanitation program that delivers constant results and an easy-to-follow hygiene management system.

No restaurant, supermarket or factory is the same. Each business in the food service industry has specific needs based on a variety of conditions such as menu, facility layout, work force or style of management. We understand that each business needs an unique sanitation program.

Our trained food sanitation instructors will provide your business with the care and attention to details that’s necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your hygiene management.

Smart San Saraya Vietnan Hygiene Management System
Smart San Saraya Hygiene Management Support


Easy to understand manuals for: 

  • Consistent and regular cleaning
  • Safe product handling 
  • Effective workplace hygiene management 
Smart San Saraya Hygiene Management Support

Sanitation Audits 

Third party hygiene audits to:

  • Identify potential food safety hazards
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Enhance the productivity
Smart San Saraya Hygiene Management Support

Hygiene Training

Custom training sessions help your staff to:

  • Understand the concepts of hygiene 
  • Apply principles of hygiene in daily operations
  • Create safer workplace environment

Four Elements of Smart San

Our Cross Contamination Control is easy to understand and follow through

Four Elements of Smart San

Smart San is not a product; it is a proposal to increase efficiency in preventing food borne illness. Developed around the process rather than the function of hygiene, smart San includes 4 basic elements that transform hygiene management effort into results. By adopting the Smart San way, you get expert knowledge and the means to reduce cost, raise efficiency and improve safety.

Smart System Smart San Saraya

Color Coordinate System (CCS )

Product labels are formatted with easy to distinguish colors indicating the contents so employees and supervisors can correctly identify a bottle. Our manuals use the same colors to provide workers with easy instruction on how to perform cleaning operations in an efficient manner.

Color Coordinate System (CCS) => Find and understand the correct bottle at a glance

Smart System Smart San Saraya

Smar Communication Smart San Saraya

Hygiene Management Support

At Saraya Vietnam, we offer the care and attention needed for an effective sanitation program that will deliver constant results. The comprehensive knowledge will hlep you maximize the effectiveness of your hygiene management. 

Our Services Include:

  • Cleaning manuals and product handling manuals
  • Sanitation audits
  • Custom hygiene training

Smar Communication Smart San Saraya

Smart Economy Smart San Saraya

Make the most of everything

Efficient usage of concentrated Smart San cleaning solutions according to manual instruction means that you waste less and clean more. The Smart San system also includes unique tank former and electrolysed water rinsing for added contamination control and more economic use.

Automation in less time

With the Smart San system you can automate many cleaning tasks usually done by hand. Your facility can extend production time, reduce cleaning time and  eliminate overtime. It is the smart way to maintain delicious and safe food without sacrificing time and costs.

Smart Economy Smart San Saraya

Smart Design Smart San Saraya

Simple labelling is the key to correct usage

Label colours and illustrations indicate different products and correspond directly to Saraya custom manuals, which have large text with easy-to-identify illustrations.

Smart Design Smart San Saraya

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Saraya People

Benefits of using S-4 for your business

And effective, safe and Easy-to-Use diseases prevention for your staff and for your customers

Happy and healthy workers perform better and are more loyal to your company. The same goes for healthy customers who feel safe when visiting your company or restaurant. Clean and hygienic environment is more appealing to all of us.

If your customers feel safe and healthy they are more likely to come back or recommend your business to others.

Examples of our Smart San Sanitation System in practise:

S-4 is designed with the Japanese attention to detail

All Saraya Smart San products are gentle to the skin, yet effective in killing bacterias and viruses 

 The bactericidal components are made of organic acids which have a broad-spectrum of antiseptic effects. The special formula is gentle to skin which means that the user's hands are always safe, protected and don’t dry when the product is used repeatedly.

Smart San Hand Sanitation Vietnam
Smart System Smart San Saraya

Our Smart San Products

Our Vietnamese Line of Food Sanitation Products

Smart San N1 Saraya

Food Grade Alcohol Sanitizer S-4

S-4 is made from food grade ethanol. Suitable for a variety of surfaces and equipment. Quick drying—no need to wipe off after applying.

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Smart San Hand Soap H-1

Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap H-1

Smart San Hand Soap is highly biodegradable hand soap that's gentle on your hands and the environment.

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Smart San Neutral Detergent N1

Neutral Detergent N-1

N-1 is a neutral dish detergent that is easy on the hands and on the environment. No added fragrances for washing.

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Smart San Neutral Detergent N2

Neutral Detergent N-2

5x concentrated detergent for economical use or high powered cleaning. 

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Smart San Foaming Degreaser G1

Foaming Degreaser G-1

Highly efficient degreaser for kitchen floors and equipment. Great for deeply encrusted grease and oil.

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Smart San Degreaser G2

Degreaser G-2

Highly efficient degreaser for grease and encrusted dirt.  Perfect for removal of grease and oil from cooking and processing equipment.

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