GMP 303 Laundry Alkaline Booster

L-Alkaline Booster is a highly concentrated liquid developed exclusively for use in commercial and institutional laundries. This product effectively break up unwanted soil, eliminates housekeeping soils and removes stubborn grease, fat and oil soils on cotton and polyesters. Blended surfactants and alkaline builders are balanced to provide cleaning effectiveness without damaging the fabric.

A quality booster for institutional/industrial laundry facilities.

Product details

  • Available in:20L
  • How to use:

    Use 1.0-3.0 ml per kg of linen washed, depending on soil loads and water conditions.
    Run the wash cycle and rinse for next cleaning processes (For better result, use warm water 50-75oC).

  • Active ingredients:Sodium Hydroxide 30%
  • Fragrance:Odourless
  • Colour:Yellowish
  • Other:

    Appearance: Liquid
    pH (1% Sol’n): 12.0 – 13.0
    S.G (26oC): 1.44 – 1.46