Shaki Shaki S 5kg

Excellent sanitizer for vegetables & fruits. Best sanitizing formula safe for food, based on active fumaric acid. Keeping vegetables & fruits fresh without affecting to food taste, fragrance, & colour of vegetables & fruits.

Application:  used for sanitizing vegetables & fruits.

Product details

  • Available in:5kg bottle
  • How to use:

    1. Dilute Shaki Shaki S at 1:100
    Notes: Shake liquid well before extracting the liquid. Becareful with liquid spills. Use limus paper to test for pH of the liquid ≤ 2.5.
    2. Soak vegetables & fruits into Shaki liquid in 5 minutes for sanitizing.
    3. Wash vegetables & fruits under tap water for at least 30 seconds (or change water twice if being washed in a basin). Leave vegetables & fruits dry from water. Cut vegetables and fruits into desirable length if necessary.

  • Active ingredients:fumaric acid, malic acid, ethanol, glycerol esters of fatty acid, xanthan gum, guar gum, water
  • Fragrance:raw material
  • Colour:turbid, milky white
  • Units per case:3 bottles/carton