Smart San Multipurpose cleanser (Liquid Cleanser)

Application: used for removing stubborn stains on sinks, countertops, utensils, gas stoves, kitchen hoods, stainless steel door handles, chrome-plated tools and equipment, ceramics, hand-washing stations, bath tubs.

Remarks: Don’t use liquid on glass surface, lacquer surface, jewelry.

Product details

  • Available in:Plastic bottle - 400g
  • How to use:

    Use as it is
    Take small amount of liquid onto a sponge, rub the sponge onto the surface with targeted dirt.
    Use a clean cloth soaked with water to clean the surface (if not being washed with water), or use tap water to wash.

  • Active ingredients:Abrasive agent, surfactant (anionic)
  • Fragrance:Fragrance free
  • Colour:Milky white
  • Units per case:12 bottles per case
  • Note:

    If liquid is used to clean utensil or cooking equipment, use water to wash clearly to remove chemical residues on equipment’s surfaces.