SmartSan Neutral Detergent N-2

5x concentrated neutral detergent for economical and stock reducing use. For cleaning dishes, utensils and surfaces with stubborn grease and encrusted dirt. Same great features as Smart San N-1 in a concentrated formula.

Product details

  • Available in:Container 5L
  • How to use:

    Use as is with a sponge for direct cleaning utensils and dishes or dilute for soak washing. Use an automatic proportioner to dilute.

  • Active ingredients:Surfactant 60%
  • Fragrance:Fragrance Free
  • Colour:Clear yellow
  • Units per case:5kg × 3
  • 5x concentrate for cost saving usage.
  • Thick foaming and powerful grease cutting for many kitchen applications.
  • Use with concentrated surfactant strength or dilute to normal detergent consistency.